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How to set up dropdowns personnel

The dropdowns for personnel are setup in the System / User rights.

But before the user rights can be set up it is important that for every staff member the specifications are filled in.

This must be done for Administrative personnel and Clinic medical staff.

In this example the Department is set on Nursing.


If this is done for every nurse, you can go to System > user rights.

First fill in Everyone => No access. This excludes everyone from the list.
Then fill in Department > Nursing => Full access. Now all nurses will show up in the dropdown.
You can add personnel who doesn't have Department > Nursing, by filling in the person or when you want to add another group of people you can use other subjects like  Unit, Qualifications or Speciality.


The  items with All  are not set in User rights, but looks in the section in  System configuration.
A.P. = Admin. Personnel-----C. M. S = Clinic Medical Staff-----P.C.P = Primary Care Physician-----O.S. = Outside specialist

Name Form Tab Field Personnel in Tasks
Demographics   Physicians/staff Referring physician All P.C.P
      GP / PCP All P.C.P
      Outside specialist All O.S.
      Clinic physician Doctors C.M.S
      Prim. Clin. Nurse Nurses C.M.S
      Prim Lab techn. Embryologist C.M.S
      Prim embryologist Embryologist C.M.S
      Prim counselor All C.M.S
      Accounting contact All A.P.
      Admin contact All A.P
Progress Notes Event Details Staff Member All A.P+ C.M.S
    Answer column Nurses Nurses C.M.S
      Doctors Doctors C.M.S
      Emryologist Emryologist C.M.S
      Ultrasonographer Ultrasonographer C.M.S
      Andrologist Andrologist C.M.S
      Phlebotomist Phlebotomist C.M.S
Encounters* Event   Provider All C.M.S
Drug Prescriptions     Doctor Doctors C.M.S
Treatment Cycles   Int. Treatment Treating Dr. Doctors C.M.S
Blood / Lab test     Requesting phycisian Doctors C.M.S
      Phlebotomist Phlebotomist C.M.S
      Technician Bloodtech C.M.S
      Received by Bloodtech C.M.S
Ultrasound     Ultrasonographer Ultrasonographer C.M.S
      Chaperone Chaperone C.M.S
Semen analysis   Investigations Received by Received by C.M.S
      Ref. physicians Doctors C.M.S
  B.S.A   Scientist Andrologist C.M.S
      Morphology technician Andrologist C.M.S
      Requesting Physician Doctors C.M.S
  Semen Prep   scientist Andrologist C.M.S
  Sperm survival   Scientist Andrologist C.M.S
  Detailed morphology   Scientist Andrologist C.M.S
  Antisperm antibodies   Scientist Andrologist C.M.S
  Serum antisperm antibodies   Scientist Andrologist C.M.S
  Surgical retr. sperm   Scientist Andrologist C.M.S
      Urologist Urologist C.M.S
  Sperm. function test   Scientist Andrologist C.M.S
  Imminobeads   technician Andrologist C.M.S
      Req Physician Doctors C.M.S
  Freeze sample   Scientist Andrologist C.M.S
  Semen work up   Scientist Andrologist C.M.S
  Semen Casa   Scientist Andrologist C.M.S
  Semen thaw   Scientist Andrologist C.M.S
Insemination     Nurse Nurses C.M.S
      Treating Dr. Doctors C.M.S
Lab.  details     Embryologist Embryologist C.M.S
      Supervisor Embryologist C.M.S
      Treating doctor Doctors C.M.S
      Witness Witness C.M.S
Billing   Billable items Doctor Doctors C.M.S
    Overview Doctor Doctors C.M.S
    Sign off Doctor Doctors C.M.S
Task/info manager     Creator All C.M.S
      Send to All C.M.S
Cryo Storage Direct freeze   Lab technician Embryologist C.M.S
  ship/Purpose   Technician All C.M.S
Management module Treat. Calendar   Treatment Dr. Doctors C.M.S
  Billing overview   Doctor Doctors C.M.S
  Sign off   Doctor Doctors C.M.S

* This list derives from the Clinical medical staff. The persons with Provider no filled in the General tab will show here.