Configuration Manual
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Configuration Manual


This chapter describes how to configure a new installation of IDEAS in a clinic.  After Mellowood Medical staff has installed the IDEAS application on a clinic server, the software configuration steps outlined in this chapter should be completed before the IDEAS installation can be evaluated and used.  The configuration steps in this document are usually performed with the guidance of Mellowood Medical support staff.

Before you start using IDEAS, there are many areas which will require configuration to your clinic’s requirements.  The configuration can range from system settings (language, date format etc) to medical record templates, embryo scoring templates, and so on.

This document will highlight the areas of IDEAS which will need consideration, configuration as well as any dependencies in other sections. Most if not all configuration can be done through File > System configuration.

Please note that your installation of IDEAS will already have some configured items which have relevance to all fertility units, as well as your regional government reporting requirements, such as (CARTR, HFEA, SART, ANZARD etc).

IDEAS will already have the following sections configured

  • Drugs, Tests and procedures – Common blood tests including hormonal, and virology screening (excluding prices)
  • Laboratory events
  • Lists
    • Country
    • Interpretations (blood tests)
    • Language
    • Route of drug administration
    • Sex
    • Titles
    • Unit of measurement (blood tests)
    • Unit of measurement (treatment drugs)
    • Outcomes (pregnancy)
    • Treatment types (e.g. IVF, ICSI, FET, etc.)

You may add to these sections at anytime, but please make sure that you configure any new items correctly, if in doubt please contact IDEAS support.

Clinic specific configuration

There may be involvement from each department (e.g.  Admin, Nurses, Doctors) for each phase and items within the phase.

Configuration checklist - essentials (Phase 1)

System wide configuration (e.g. Date, Language, Follicle cut-off line, etc.)

Configuration checklist - (Phase 2)

Configuration checklist - (Phase 3)